Reviews of Noah Ramsbottom and the Cave Elves by students at Kirkby Malhamdale School, Yorkshire

“Dear Rob I like your story. I like the bit were the dragon tries to eat the Noah Little Plod. The best picture was the lying bumper car. Richard I am reviewing Noah Ramsbottom and the Cave Elves by Rob Bullock. I thought the book was the best one I’d heard in a while, partly because it was a mix of funniness and weirdness. The story was set in the Victoria caves, where, a lot of cave elves lived. My favourite part was....ALL OF IT!!!! I would recommend it to anyone 5 to 12.”

Duncan, aged 10 years

“I am reviewing Noah Ramsbottem and the cave elves by Rob Bullock. This book is very creative and exciting. The characters are very emanative and funny. It is a really good children’s book and the title (Noah Ramsbottem and the cave elves) is a really funny title. The pictures are just like Quentin Blake’s. Noah and his elf friend, little plod go on lot’s of adventures together and Noah meets lots of strange elves. This book is very extraordinary and good.”

Millie age 9 and Phoebe age 8.

“It was very funny and had lots of weird names like Little Pod and a Fubble stick.I liked all the illustrations because it seemed to bring the story to life.I also liked the fact that you have to use your imagination for the funny voices for the elves. Rob came to our school to read his book and we all enjoyed it! would recommend this adventure book for eight to eleven.”

Harry aged 11

“I think your story is very good. I Like bit when Noah Ramsbottom nearly got eaten . I think he is very adventurous boy. I liked Littlepods name it is very good name. I like the book it is very good. I like the fighting car it is good.”

Amelia Aged 7

“The story is very imaginative so are all the characters. The elves are funny and weird. The pictures are like Quinton Blake. It’s going to be a best seller. I think it will be good for boys and girls. By Ben. I am reviewing Noah Ramsbottom and the cave elves by Rob bullock. I thought the book was very funny and exciting I wish I had one. My favourite picture was the Noah and little plod are in the basket.”


“I thought it was very funny; weird (In the way of funny weird) characters and names. The illustrations were very realistic and looked like they were coming out of the page. I would recommend it to every child from the age of 5 to 11!”


“I am reviewing noah ramsbottom and the cave elves by Rob Bullock I am reviewing a story, I thought it was the best book ever. I think that they will get even better as they go along. The illustration is good, the pictures are just like Winton Blake . I think it will be a best seller all round the world. It is very imaginative. By Tim 9

“I think that your book is great! I also liked the pictures they looked as if they were coming out of the book! Little Plods voice was weird and funny(but not weird as in horrible). I liked the flying dodgem car and its oars as propellers. I think this book is for 7s and over.”

Maisie Age 8

“Rob came to read the book to us at our school. I thought the book was very adventurous and funny. The characters are like those in Roald Dahl,so if you like him you will enjoy this book. I like the cave elves they were funny and the weird flying bumper car. The book is probably best for 8-12 year olds.”

Menna Age 10

“I am reviewing the brilliant book “Noah Ramsbottom and the cave elves” by Rob Bullock. This is an exciting book, for children any age and even some adults might like it. This book has some funny and amusing characters. Rob, who wrote this book, has a good imagination and has come up with some weird and wonderful characters like “Littlepod” or “Grandad Fred.” This exciting book is about a boy called Noah Ramsbottom and his grandad (fred) goes missing and one day he goes looking for him and has a big surprise. ”

Rachel Age 10

“Noah ramsbottom and the cave elves by Robert Bullock. I am reviewing Noah ramsbottom and the cave elves. The characters are very weird and funny especially chkc little plod and I like (no I just) Noah as well, I like the names that you gave them like, chkc, little pod and, no I just Noah the pictures were the best that I have ever seen they really bring the story to life, I’ll say there even better than Quentin Blake. My favourite part is when he enters door number 1 with the huge brass door handle and the golden number 1. I like the thrilling adventures that granddad Fred and Noah have together. I would recommend it for 11+.”


“We are reviewing Noah Ramsbottom and the cave elves. We thought Noah Ramsbottom and the cave elves is a great children’s book and we would read it again and again. The pictures are great and if nobody had told us that they were by Louisa Biggin we would have thought they were by Quentin Blake. They are very well done.The characters are very funny (especially little plod) they are very imaginative. Noah is very adventurous for his age. His grandfather sounded rather funny as well. We hope everyone enjoyed this book as much as we did! ”

Lucy and Emily age 9

“I thought the story was really good. The characters are funny. I especially like chkc Little Plod. I recommend it for children up to the age of 11. The plot was very good. The pictures were excellent. They brought the story to life. They look exactly like Quentin Blake. My favourite picture was when Little Plod was hitting Noah with the fiddle stick. My favourite bit was when Noah entered the cave and saw what was in Victoria Cave and all the elves at work. ”

Holly Aged 11

“I think Noah Ramsbottom is very adventurous for his age. I liked the bit where Little Plod prodded Noah in the bottom. Little Prods voice is really funny. My favourite picture is where Noahis in a biscuit and so little prod and there is a dragon under the biscuit. I would recommend that other children would really like this story.”

Amelia Aged 7

“his book is a great children’s book the characters are really funny and imaginative. I liked the illustrations because they looked like Quentin Blake had done them. Noah was very adventurous and I am looking forward to more of his books. I would recommend this book to 8-11 year olds.”

India age 9

“I think anybody would enjoy this fantastic, exciting book. I really like the pictures they looked as if they were coming to life. The plot is really exciting funny and cool. I like Noah. I love the way all the different characters have different personalities. You can do any voices to speak the characters that you like. This story is weird and wonderful (but I mean nice weird!!!) out of 100 I would give it a 100!!!!!!”