Mr Littleplod the Cave Guard
by Robert J Bullock

Littleplod is the Cave Guard.

He's so lazy and never works too hard.

Armed with his trusty flubblestick.

No one dare take the mick.

Standing porter at the mighty cave entrance.

Watching and waiting he slyly does a little dance.

Until Miss Bagshot he spies.

Out of the corner of his watchful eyes.

Then he rushes.

Into the bushes.

Behind a large green sod.

Quicker than you can say Jack Robinplod.

Until the coast is clear.

And then once again he'll have no fear.

Each day his eyes are trained up on high.

Peering he is into the sky.

Watchful for any attack.

That could come, just like that.

When they will come no one knows.

The dastardly robocrows.

With their stink bomb eggs.

That smash and make everyone reach for pegs.

What else can they do?

Those stink bombs eggs smell just like poo!

© Copyright Robert Bullock 2009.