is the website for the children's author Rob Bullock he's a writer who loves to write for all ages. "I've never heard of a Ninnylizard?" I hear you say. That's because a Ninnylizard is a creature dreamed up by his beautiful granddaughter, Eve, it's flat as paper and can easily walk under doors without even ducking its head! Ninnylizards have fantastic adventures where anything can happen and that's what reading is all about!

Some of the stories written by Rob:

The Gerty Bendy Feet Adventures, stories for very young children.

Noah Ramsbottom stories for 8-11 year old self readers.

Duck and the Moonghost Adventures for 8-11 year old self readers.

Sam Marsh Action Stories for middle grade and teenagers.

Intergalactic Time Wars featuring SJ Steel, for teenagers.

Samples will soon be available to enjoy on this website.

Rob is delighted to announce that Arts Council England is supporting his new book ‘Jacob's War’.